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Plug.dj 回來了, 歡迎你回來一起聽歌喔!

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Its Back!

plug.dj is come back, Radiant-音樂 (Asia) will still welcome you. but we also welcome you join our english main room, if you have interest to join, please join: Plug.dj - Radiant Music and stay tune on main room site for new update and info: Radiant Music thanks.


plug.dj已經重開了, Radiant-音樂 (Asia)也隨時歡迎你, 但是我們更樂意邀請你參與我們非常活躍的英文主房 (聊天室只能用英語), 如果你有興趣, 請點此加入我們: Plug.dj - Radiant Music , 也隨時歡迎你留意我們英文主房網站的最新動態喔!! : Radiant Music 再次謝謝大家, plug.dj見.